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Journal of Natural Toxins
A Journal for Research and Investigation on Toxins of Natural Origin
Editor: A.T. Tu
Honorary Editor: William Gaffield
The Journal of Natural Toxins published original papers on all aspects of toxins, allergens and related compounds of natural origin. The Journal takes a liberal view on the definition of toxins. Research on any natural compound which deals with toxicological aspects was published in the Journal.
Alaken is no longer accepting JNT manuscripts as of March 15, 2002.

Sea Snakes And Their Venoms
Author: A.T. Tu
This book is a comprehensive summary of Dr. Anthony T. Tu's work on sea snakes and their venoms and contains many color photographs of multiple species of sea snakes in their natural habitat. This is a fascinating book for people who are interested in the basic biology, use and distribution of sea snakes to the chemical composition and toxicology of sea snake venoms.  ORDER NOW!

Biochemical Aspects of Marine Pharmacology
Editors: Philip Lazarovici, Micha Spira, and Eliahu Zlotkin, 'IUI Institute, Eilat
In a meeting held at "The Inter-university Institute for Marine Sciences, Eilat" (IUI), a group of experts gathered to discuss recent developments in the understanding of the structure, biochemistry, molecular biology, function and potential use of bioactive materials from marine organisms. The articles presented in this book reveal the "broad and unpredictable spectrum of molecular architecture which one encounters" in marine organisms as stated by Dr. Scheuer. 232 PAGES HARD COVER $84.00 ORDER NOW!

*Chemistry and Toxicology of Diverse Class of Alkaloids*
Editor: Murray Blum, Professor, University of Georgia
This is the second volume edited by Dr. Blum, emphasizing the chemistry and toxicology of alkaloids from diverse sources. 386 PAGES HARD COVER $99.50 ORDER NOW!

Enzymes From Snake Venoms
Editor: Graham Bailey, Professor, University of Essex
Snake venom is considered a treasure box of enzymes. Many enzymes are present in snake venom. This book covers all enzymes found in snake venoms and each chapter is written by renowned authors.
740 PAGES $175.00 ORDER NOW!

Molecular Approaches to Food Safety: Issues Involving Toxic Microorganisms
Editors: Mel Eklund, John L. Richard and Katsutoshi Mise
This state-of-the-art reference book describes the molecular structure and function of microbial toxins and discusses issues involving toxic microorganisms. It provides the latest information concerning food safety and gives valuable insight into the mechanisms of toxins related to food poisoning. Contributed by 142 scientists using extensive references. 532 PAGES HARD COVER $110.00 ORDER NOW!

Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins
Editors: Marina Miraglia, Hans P.van Egmond, Carlo Brera, and John Gilbert
This book presents the articles of invited speakers at the IX IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins in Rome, Italy, 1997, sponsored by UNESCO. It gives the highlights of important mycotoxins and phycotoxins and is the most authoritative book in the field.

*The Toxic Action of Marine and Terrestrial Alkaloids*
Editor: Murray Blum, Professor, University of Georgia
Written by 15 experts, the book emphasizes the toxic action of alkaloids from diverse sources such as marine, plant, and animal tissue. The purpose of the present volume is to focus on recent developments in both the toxicology and chemistry of candidate alkaloids. This book presents a broad range of topics that should appeal to investigators with interests in this class of compounds.

*When you order both the "Chemistry and Toxicology of Diverse Class of Alkaloids" and "The Toxic Action of Marine and Terrestrial Alkaloids" as a set, the price is
 discounted to $159.45, a savings of $30.00*

Nomadic Academic Life of a Professor
By: Anthony T. Tu

Introduction to Scientific Japanese
By: A.T. Tu

Mail-Order Brides: Women for Sale
By: Mila Glodava and Dr. Richard Onizuka

Simply Science
By: Dean R. Brown

Chemical Terrorism: Horrors in Tokyo Subway and Matsumoto City
By: Anthony T. Tu

Dictionary of Toxic Substances
Edited by Anthony T. Tu
English-Chinese Dictionary for Food Science
and Technology

By: National Translation Institute, Taipei, Taiwan,
Republic of China

English-Chinese Dictionary for Life Science
Editor: Professor Chen JiSheng
English-Chinese Dictionary for Applied
Computer and New Technology

Editor: Wu ZhongXian
Traditional Chinese Medicine Dictionary in
Chinese-English and English-Chinese

Published by: Tianjin University Press
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