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Chemistry and Toxicology of Diverse Classes of Alkaloids Chemistry and Toxicology of Diverse Classes of ALKALOIDS

 Edited by: Murray S. Blum, Professor, University of Georgia

 386 pages, ISBN 1-880293-06-4, 1995, *$99.50, Hard Cover


This is the second volume edited by Dr. Blum, emphasizing the chemistry and toxicology of alkaloids from diverse sources.

I.  Alkaloids as Anti-Cancer Agents (Anti-Cancer Alkaloids) by J. Pezzuto and G. T. Tan.
II. Chemical and Toxicological Properties of Alkaloids from Selected Sources 
    (Toxicology and Chemistry of Purine Alkaloids by Atta-ur-Rahman and M.I. Choudhary,
     Toxicology and Chemistry of Arthropod Alkaloids by M.S. Blum
     Chemistry and Toxicology of Mushroom Alkaloids by W. Z. Antkowiak,
     Toxicology and Chemistry of the Diterpene Alkaloids by J. M. Jacyno, and 
     Marine Alkaloids from Okinawan Waters by Higa and J.-I. Tanaka)

*When you order both the "Chemistry and Toxicology of Diverse Class of Alkaloids" and "The Toxic Action of Marine and Terrestrial Alkaloids" as a set, the price is discounted to $159.45, a savings of $30.00*

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